Implement the latest technologies carrying forward as much of the existing infrastructure as possible

Web Hosting

We are able to assist you in every way to get a web-site up and running ASAP, from dealing with 3rd party hosting providers to setting up a web-server on your own hardware if desired.

Search Engine Optimisation

There is a lot to take into account to get the best ranking within search engines. Here are some good places to start.

The Google and SEOmoz links will take you to a beginners guide to search engine optimisation, whilst the Wikipedia link gives you what you'd expect from an encyclopedia.

Thin Client technology

We can put an effective plan in place for you to transition to low cost, low maintenance devices that reduce your total cost of technology ownership. One element of this is a significant reduction in the risk of computer virus infection and the associated virus protection and cleaning overheads.  

Please read the following resources for details.

We have technology that can convert legacy PC's to virtual thin clients to extend their useful lifetime.


Cloud Computing

The choice for "Cloud Services" is large, growing and extremely affordable. From simple Web Hosting to dedicated  servers.

On-line backup

Configure backups to occur over the internet


Automate data exchange

Configure system interfaces (APIs)

Identify the primary sources of data and feed all other consumers of that information.

  • Reduces manual workload
  • Reduces scope for data entry error


Make the technology work for you.




Systems development does not have to be expensive or complicated. You can receive great cost effective benefits from translating your knowledge and expertise into appropriate systems tailored to your specific requirements.


Review - processes & technology

Audit - infrastructure

Analyze & Recommend - increase ROI

Get a clear picture of the the systems, processes and interactions in place with a view to maximise efficiency and return on investment in people and technology.